Foldable Pizza Cutter

An eye-catching addition to your cutlery collection. Its rectangular appearance draws curiosity from its beholder. Unfold and you get a pizza cutter! The multi-functional handle design is not only practical but also safe. Using a cutter with fine pallet choices makes the sliced pizza just as savory!

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To prevent the exposed blade from causing potential injury, Odiist made it foldable and easier to store. Since it is ambidextrous, users can wield it with utmost ease.

This is the pizza cutter you will want to have.


Not every kitchen has a pizza cutter in hand because people think a knife could do whatever a pizza cutter can do. True, then why do you need peelers or slicers, a knife would work? We will tell you otherwise with our foldable pizza cutter.


Foldable pizza cutter was designed by Odiist Creative Solutions for EAT Shine, kitchen utensils developer.


Odiist hid the blade inside the handles. Special component at the end of the handles secure the blade while it was folded. It only takes a few steps to unfold the cutter. First, pull the handles outward to release the handles, and then fold the handles backward. Lock the buckle at the end of the handles to fix it tight. Then, you got a cutter for pizza, pies, or any pastries you like.


The pizza cutter is not only easy for cleaning and storage, but also convenient to carry around. Moreover, the cutter is friendly to both left-handed and right-handed.

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