Quadruplets Slicer

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ODIIST has been collaborating with a kitchen utensil developer EAT Shine in Taiwan. We designed series of products featuring high quality and creativity. Quadruplets is the second piece of the multi-blade slicer series. 


The more, the better. Multi-function has become a must to tool designs, but you won’t want your slicer to become a Swiss army knife, would you?


Plural blades and multiple functions are great; however, these add-ons may influence the form and appearance. Fusing these extra components together is not an easy task. After trying different shapes and structures, ODIIST came up with Quadruplets.

The Structure

Following the previous work of this series, we continue to use the two-piece design. This time, we not only make the blade changeable but also storable. We refined the structure of the snap buttons on the side of the case to strengthen it. The protruding stops in the case will secure the blades set so that it won’t get loose while using.

Open the case and you will see the blades set sat like a pee in the pod. Hold the both ends of the blades set with your fingers and pick it up. Keep the side of blades you want outside and then fix the blades set on the upper part. Close the case and the case becomes the handle of the slicer. Now, you can make slice or peel fruits and vegetables with ease. 

The design must be friendly to both left handed and right handed. We pay attention to users’ using habit and behaviors to make sure users can adapt the design without difficulties. 

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