Star Ice Cream Scoop

product development services Taiwan product design Taiwan 產品 開發 manufacturer 家電 設計

Having trouble getting ice cream off the scoop? Don’t worry. We got Star. Hold tight the handle and scoop up the frozen ice cream from the bucket. Pop it on a biscuit cone, and we got a nice tasty ice cream cone with a star on it.

Remember the previous ice cream scoop we designed for EAT Shine? This time, we make it even simpler to use.


You don’t even have to move your finger.

All you have to do is grip tight and let loose. 

ODIIST observed users’ behavior and using habits, discovering that people tend to grasp the grip tighter to dig up the hard ice. Therefore, we designed Star according to this intuitive behavior to safe the effort of users and detach the sticky ice cream from the scoop.

product development services Taiwan product design Taiwan 產品 開發 manufacturer 家電 工業 設計 design services industrial design 商品 模型 製作 量產

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