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About us


We are Taiwan based design company that

care about your needs & wants.


Our Story

From communicate, design to manufacture.

Odiist has long been at the forefront of

creating change through design.

See some of the highlight from the history.


Who we are?

Product designer + engineer +

graphic designer + bunch of idea

= Better world

We Love
Creating something users likes, finds an enjoyable
experience and designing systems that solve
problems, make it simple and easy for users to use is the
major part of joy of being designer in this team.

The logo of ODIIST

The design of ODIIST logo combined the image of discussion from different domain and cooperation with the work, which signifies the most essential tasks of product development : communication and discussion.

A good design organ consists professionals and experts. ODIIST has personnel take in charge of planning, appearance, mechanism, prototyping and mass production arrangement.

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