About us

We provide services with expertise and exchange techniques to grow with all industries.

ODIIST is an industrial design firm with passionate team and designers devoted to problem solving. Our professional services span across many domains from appliances to industry equipment development.

We have and will continue to serve many clients from inventors to research institutions. ODIIST is capable of implementing all necessary steps in product development from planning integration, product appearance, mechanism design, prototype modeling to mass production. We ensure consistent quality throughout the process. 

The logo of ODIIST combined the image of commas, and speech bubbles               to resemble the Chinese character "器", which signifies the most essential tasks of product development: communication and discussion.

A good design organ consists professionals and experts. ODIIST has personnel take in charge of planning, appearance, mechanism, prototyping and mass production arrangement. 

Design is the process of turning ideas and concepts into solid products.

We provide design consultation before jumping into a new project. From appearance design, mechanism design, model making to manufacturing process planning, our team solving clients’ design and manufacturing problems from all aspects.

Whoever needs advices on productization, product development or creative ideas to solve problems will be our clients.


We worked with enterprises of diverse fields, inventors, academic researchers, government organizations and all who wished to modify, to develop and to produce their products.

Clients will have not only the layouts or sample but the real product that should be made. You give us the concept, we give you the product.


We will take care of manufacturing from materials, methods, techniques, assembly to quality control to make sure the product will be made as we designed.

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