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Kitchen Kit Model

product development services Taiwan product design Taiwan 產品 開發 manufacturer 家電 設計
изготовление дизайна изделий
изготовление дизайна изделий

In this project, ODIIST designed a model of kitchen kits for our clients. The concept of this design is to arrange a case that can contains different kitchen tools.


Unlike usual tool boxes which leave tools mixed up in the case, we designed holes on the kitchen tools that be hung in the box. The design helps users to fix the tools in the box perfectly.

The case with bigger hole serves as the container to store and dry the washed utensils. Light green and white, we designed the patterns of apples according to the request of our clients.

product development services Taiwan product design Taiwan 產品 開發 manufacturer 家電 工業 設計 design services industrial design 商品 模型 製作 量產

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