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We are creating teams that can approach

any challenge.

And we love challenge! Our service :

Data Analysis

The purpose of design is to improve people’s life through the products. To achieve this goal, ODIIST’s team will do research comprehensively on the products to find the best solution. Additionally, we will have thorough discussions with our clients to fully understand the demands and problems.

Product Positioning

To design for the users, designers must know the users. ODIIST analyze users’ experiences and market currents to predict who the target consumers are. According to the data analysis, we anchor the position of our product to make distinguish to others.

Appearance Design

Some said that the appearance design is the least to be concern of product design. ODIIST believe that a product should bring pleasure not only from its function. Design is not a process of making art, but we wish the form of our product follows not only function, but also aesthetics.

Mechanism Design

We have professional and experienced engineers who consider  from the aspects of mechanism, function and manufacturing to solve problems, providing innovative designs to create high quality products.


Both functional prototypes and visual prototypes for goods sample.


Arranging manufacturing method to shorten the producing process and to maintain product quality, ODIIST direct both low volume and mass production. We integrate the industrial chain in Tainan to help clients manufacture their products with efficiency.

Design is the process of turning

ideas and concepts into solid products.

We provide design consultation before jumping into

a new project. From appearance design, mechanism design,

model making to manufacturing process planing, our team

solving client's design and manufacturing problems

from all aspects.

See the brands that have moved with us :






You only give us the thought.

We will then develops the design based off the style and specifications from your idea, sources all materials, makes the samples, and produces and ships the samples to you. We will take care of manufacturing from materials, methods, techniques, assembly to quality control to make sure the product will be perfectly made as we designed.

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