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Glide Can Opener

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Having trouble opening a can? Lever-type or butterfly can openers with bottle cap lifter or can piercer make things too complicated for users. You might not consider yourself clumsy but some can openers are designed like Swiss Army Knives and you just can’t figure out the purpose and operation of them what so ever. Glide can opener was designed for domestic use. It has only one mission that is to open a can. No need to find a pivot or plug the plug. (Seriously? Electric can opener? What if you were trapped in a storm with no electricity and gas, and that bloody tomato can is the only food you got?) All you need to do is rotate that little knob.


The streamline design and the wing-like knob feature the elegant flying birds, indicating the effortless and smoothness while opening the can. We left out bottle opener and church key to focus on the design of can opener, creating a delicate and simple form to meet the needs for our clients.


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