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Bathroom Deodorizer

When you walked into a restroom, the first impression will not be the light, the tile, the sink or the mirror but the smell. No matter how beautiful and clean a restroom is, the stinks will spoil the whole space and experience. However, sometimes the humid and odor still remain even though you had scrubbed every inch of the bathroom.

Product development Product design Desain produk
Product development Product design Desain produk

Some will use air fresheners or fragrances for bathroom to cover up the unpleasant odor but only make it worse. The original smell of the bathroom will not become sweet and fresh after mixing with the smell of rose, lilac, lavender or mint. The best scent for bathroom is odorless. Our bathroom deodorizer uses no perfume but a small exhaust fan to eliminate the stinky air. 

Product development Product design Desain produk

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