Garlic Chopper

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Looks like a fedora from afar, a pair of castanets up close. You press down gently, and snow-white flakes rain downwards while giving off a mild aroma. Like an audio and visually-equipped concert, the crispy sounds interweave into a delicious meal.

Garlic is a common spice in culinary. Yet, the chopping part puts one’s skills with a blade to the test. ODIIST's team uses a top hat shape and enlarged hat rim design to save effort on the user’s end, expediting the process. Furthermore, this tool has a large opening angle, allowing users to put in various kinds of garlic and easy cleaning.

product development services Taiwan product design Taiwan 產品 開發 manufacturer 家電 工業 設計 design services industrial design 商品 模型 製作 量產

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