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Dual-Purpose Garlic Press & Slicer

product development services Taiwan product design Taiwan 產品 開發 manufacturer 家電 設計

Getting a dual functional garlic press will no longer cost an arm and a leg!

A garlic press is considered to be a rather high-end utensil like mortar and pestle, a cheese grater and a spiralizer. Most people only see these little gadgets in cooking shows or fancy restaurants. Consumers tend to fall back after seeing the price tags. 

garlic press Product development Product design Desain produk
garlic press Product development Sample model Manufacture Taiwan product design Desain pengembangan produk

What attributes to this product’s price is mainly its use of metals and dual function integration which increase its manufacturing cost. After careful evaluation, we designed a changeable component for the grids and blades to achieve the want.


This design greatly lowering the cost on combining two functions in one handle. You can also apply the changeable mechanism to another handle. Same mechanism can be developed further for other accessories of various sizes.


product development services Taiwan product design Taiwan 產品 開發 manufacturer 家電 工業 設計 design services industrial design 商品 模型 製作 量產

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