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Rolling Pin

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Rolling pins had been developed for centuries along with the eating habit of wheat production around the world. Our favor for foods made of flours never ceased. Therefore, new rolling pins are still constantly modified and developed.

Throughout the rolling pin’s development history, designers often focused on enhancing basic functions. Many of them placed emphasis on gaining the roller’s weight so that users don’t have to exert lots of strength.


By changing the roller’s own temperature have also been made to meet the requirements of various different flours. For example, butter tends to be less sticky when placed under cooler temperatures. Yet despite the introduction of several water-added rolling pins, the costs and functions were still no match to alternatives like wine bottles.

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To address business owner concerns, we developed this rolling pin which has a water bottle built-in.


The hollow interior of the pin was preserved for a water bottle which not only increases weight but also changes the pin’s temperature with the water loaded.


In addition, the aluminum alloy surface conducts heat, allowing the product to deliver synergized benefits in both weight and temperature regulation.


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