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Dual Walking Cane

product development services Taiwan product design Taiwan 產品 開發 manufacturer 家電 設計
изготовление дизайна изделий
изготовление дизайна изделий
изготовление дизайна изделий

Walking canes are assistive devices that the stability and support is essential and important. ODIIST designed a dual functioned walking cane that can be adjusted to adapt different road condition.

Moving in the city, among crowds and on public transportation, users will find it more convenient to use the basic walking stick function. If users want to switch the stick into a quadripod cane, they can easily do that by pressing button on the side of the cane and push the outer cane downward to stretch out the frame.
This design not only facilitates users’ mobility to make walking safe and easy for users who have mobility difficulties but also provide flexible choices for users.

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