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Industrial design mainly involves teamwork.

For a long time, our company has been emphasizing teamwork, not individual prowess. When it comes to project execution, whether it is data analysis, mechanism, appearance design and integration, prototype modeling, product experimentation, or something else, ODIIST would always assign dedicated specialists to carry out these tasks.

Design is unlike making art. As of now, there are still many designers, or individual studios that focus on personal fame and glory. Such mentality is narrow-minded and would easily be reflected in designs as well as style. Design must be structured upon brainstormed ideas. The merits of a “Good” designs usually have little to with its supposed ground-breaking origins, but more so with its execution of creativity and loyalty to its objective.

Design service, is what this company regards as a tacit performance. It involves doing your job well and setting aside individual pride. Industrial design is a process which turns concepts into tangible products. During this process, especially in the experimentation process, significant brainpower input as well as trials and errors are needed in order to surmise how the product would be like in the end user's hands.

As for interpreting an ideal user scenario, one must revert back to objectivity and be willing to accept feedback from others. Should strong personal preferences or desire to show off intervene, a product’s development process would be uneven and be riddled with bias.

Seeing the potential detrimental effects in such scenarios, ODIIST would always allow opportunity for self-review and questioning in hopes that the product design would closely reflect its concept. The models and mechanism must also meet the engineering criteria for mass production.

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