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Safety Is Built Upon Disasters

After Taiwanese news outlets reported the burning tour bus incident, several weeks later, transportation equipment parts manufacturers came to ODIIST with the newest official documents. They wanted to discuss with us how to improve upon ongoing design projects. There are many transportation equipment parts manufacturers in Taiwan, from bicycles, scooters to cars, trucks and tour buses. Because transportation equipment manufacturing adheres to very stringent safety standards, there are different requirements when exporting to different countries. Take transportation equipment for example. When it comes to reviewing existing laws and regulations, most of the time it takes place after major inc

On Taking New Projects

ODIIST is founded on industrial design and specializes in the output of applied solutions. Our firm is staffed with talents proficient in appearance, mechanism, modeling as well as planning and integration. Integration of such expertise can be applied to various developments and the manufacturing industry. Another name would be design service. ODIIST accepts projects not just to make more money, but to maintain designers’ curiosity and passion towards design. A significant proportion of our company’s cases are entrusted from our clientele (2:8 as some textbooks indicate). In recent years, we have declined cooperation with numerous new manufacturers. This is because in addition to our small b

Machines and Us

Impending Crisis OR Deliverance? Most, if not all things can be a double-edged sword. Machines are created with the intention of making things easier for all. Their programming enables them to take on tasks that may be either too labor intensive or dangerous. Also, as with most other inventions, minus the wheel, we constantly refine them until they become an inseparable element of everyday life. Acknowledging this, ODIIST is already prepped and ready to become a fellow contributor to this ongoing trend by designing and realizing sophisticated and accessible products for all. How big of an influence? Less than a century ago, machines managed to outsmart master chess players; a decade ago, sma

Designers' Persistence

Imagining what the client is imagining Photography in the old days when film was still a medium involved “previsualization”. When looking from a design perspective, this is also a viable thing. Those working in design would often find themselves in a scenario where they attempt to extrapolate clients’ way of thinking. This further adds to the imagining threshold. In other words, designers must “picture what clients think”, meaning they must realize what their clients describe to them. A so-called description can be words, language or reference images. Regardless of which, they are all abstract combinations. However, a designer must succeed in turning the intangible into tangible results. Tho

Moderation In Development

(Image from: ) Sometimes, moderation is good. Most, if not all things will not be perfect if rushed. This is especially true in industrial design where innovation requires careful execution and discreet planning in advance. Moderation in this context means taking planned, educated steps to achieving the goal. As mentioned in previous articles, ODIIST has always taken great care in our implementation of product development concepts and subsequent delivery. We stress the typical steps involved which we also have the capacity to tackle. As for examples, history always repeats itself and constantly provides us with new examples on what not to do. How far we’ve come.

The Potential of Tainan's Light Industry

Tainan’s Light Industry Potential The density of Tainan’s supply chain for daily necessities is renowned worldwide. Tainan is also home to formidable industry clusters in PCBs, automobile parts, precision machinery, biotech and pharmaceuticals, agriculture (e.g., orchids), textiles and more. In regards to the processing industry, regardless of product type or numbers produced, the ever-changing world has propelled Tainan from mass production of the old days to producing the high quality goods we now enjoy. Various light industries have not only refined and strengthened the processing industry but also enriched ODIIST’s industrial design capabilities. #design #product #industry #manufacturing

Odiist Today

Odiist Today ODIIST is capable of handling all crucial steps involved in product development from data analysis, appearance/mechanism design, prototype modeling and more. In recent years, more and more experimental designs and R&D projects have been completed by us. Furthermore, by integrating with external processing capabilities, whether its commercialization or mass production, our company can provide comprehensive services as well as solutions to address individual needs. We understand the typically arduous process involved in product development and ODIIST is always ready to create emerging markets with business owners. So where do we come in? In today’s information age, closer cooperat

Designers’ Personalities

Industrial design mainly involves teamwork. For a long time, our company has been emphasizing teamwork, not individual prowess. When it comes to project execution, whether it is data analysis, mechanism, appearance design and integration, prototype modeling, product experimentation, or something else, ODIIST would always assign dedicated specialists to carry out these tasks. Design is unlike making art. As of now, there are still many designers, or individual studios that focus on personal fame and glory. Such mentality is narrow-minded and would easily be reflected in designs as well as style. Design must be structured upon brainstormed ideas. The merits of a “Good” designs usually have lit

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