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Sometimes, moderation is good.

Most, if not all things will not be perfect if rushed. This is especially true in industrial design where innovation requires careful execution and discreet planning in advance. Moderation in this context means taking planned, educated steps to achieving the goal. As mentioned in previous articles, ODIIST has always taken great care in our implementation of product development concepts and subsequent delivery. We stress the typical steps involved which we also have the capacity to tackle. As for examples, history always repeats itself and constantly provides us with new examples on what not to do.

How far we’ve come.

From the old days, everything had to be done manually. Results cannot compare to what can be accomplished nowadays with machines and soon-to-be full automation. We later discovered the eventually reaped the benefits of steam-powered machinery which ushered in the industrial revolution. The two hundred or so years of engaging in industry has shaped the world we know today. However, it also worth mentioning that some VERY labor intensive and precision-oriented tasks still require the fine touches of a skilled craftsperson. Examples include leather-crafting, watch-making and many others. And now, with the introduction and constant refinement of computer-assisted automation, almost everything can be accomplished while reducing the need for manual labor. However, automation is not without its faults as proven by the approaches taken by one very notable car manufacturer. Instead of accelerating, they had to temporarily halt production to iron out problems here and there.

Nonetheless, automation is here to stay and will ease the otherwise burdensome processes of mass production. However, full automation is something that will require time before it can be a truly reliable method.

ODIIST believes in sound, meticulous planning and strength in team cohesion. Surely there’s always the likelihood of slight hurdles when attempting to arrive at the best solution to address our clients’ needs. However, to rush any step for the sake of completion is something we would never even dare to imagine.

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