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After Taiwanese news outlets reported the burning tour bus incident, several weeks later, transportation equipment parts manufacturers came to ODIIST with the newest official documents. They wanted to discuss with us how to improve upon ongoing design projects.

There are many transportation equipment parts manufacturers in Taiwan, from bicycles, scooters to cars, trucks and tour buses. Because transportation equipment manufacturing adheres to very stringent safety standards, there are different requirements when exporting to different countries.

Take transportation equipment for example. When it comes to reviewing existing laws and regulations, most of the time it takes place after major incidents have occurred. Each amendment obviously comes with the intention to strengthen safety as well as practicality. However, these cannot come with the burden of excessive costs.

Design capabilities must surpass clients’ needs and existing manufacturing capabilities. All designed products have clear safety stipulations. Like transportation parts, they have evolved from being non-inflammable, impact-resistant to light-weight, shock-absorbent and just as protective. Such progress is accumulated over a lengthy period of time. It is also the design company’s capacity developed through an extensive period.

Taiwan is heavily dependent on OEM. Domestic businesses place utmost expectations on product design, requiring that they meet the different safety standards of different countries. In recent years, ODIIST has taken on numerous projects that require improving upon existing products. With our ample experience working with various clients’ requirements, we are very familiar with their integration and improvement goals. As result, we have successfully tackled and fulfilled the requirements of many different commercial product designs.

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