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ODIIST is founded on industrial design and specializes in the output of applied solutions. Our firm is staffed with talents proficient in appearance, mechanism, modeling as well as planning and integration. Integration of such expertise can be applied to various developments and the manufacturing industry. Another name would be design service.

ODIIST accepts projects not just to make more money, but to maintain designers’ curiosity and passion towards design.

A significant proportion of our company’s cases are entrusted from our clientele (2:8 as some textbooks indicate). In recent years, we have declined cooperation with numerous new manufacturers. This is because in addition to our small but competent staff, we do not wish to spread our resources too thin and end up failing our existing clients.

Many of our clients wish that we recruit more people. ODIIST believes in small incremental staffing. The reasons are simple. Current economic conditions imply too many risks for design companies to expand. Moreover, training of newcomers requires a lot of time and costs.

Progressively refining and expanding upon existing clients’ products are positive indicators of ODIIST’s performance. Continued cooperation with clients and ODIIST has also increased our revenue. And of course, the number of projects is steadily growing. Thus, we do not wish to take on new projects and ODIIST continues to grow nonetheless. However, revenue growth does not equate to the firm’s actual growth. We believe a design company grows when designers’ design capacity elevates beyond previous threshold.

ODIIST will continue to reserve some resources in anticipation of new developments. New clients, projects of different forms may not necessarily mean increased profits. Sometimes, overly complex experiments can be frequent to the point of major losses. Simultaneously however, this is also a sound method for designers to retain their curiosity and passion towards new developments.

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