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Impending Crisis OR Deliverance?

Most, if not all things can be a double-edged sword. Machines are created with the intention of making things easier for all.

Their programming enables them to take on tasks that may be either too labor intensive or dangerous. Also, as with most other inventions, minus the wheel, we constantly refine them until they become an inseparable element of everyday life. Acknowledging this, ODIIST is already prepped and ready to become a fellow contributor to this ongoing trend by designing and realizing sophisticated and accessible products for all.

How big of an influence?

Less than a century ago, machines managed to outsmart master chess players; a decade ago, smartphones became an inseparable tool; a couple days ago, robots have learned to open door levers and assemble simple furniture. Imagine how much more powerful machines will be within five years? The steady introduction of more efficient and robust machines also implies the reduced need for mass labor. A retired professor I know once texted: "Unlike Karl Marx, who saw the worker becoming 'an appendage of the machine,' Tesla realized that machines could liberate the worker." They will also be of assistance to the retired and elderly. However, how will users become accustomed?

How to accommodate?

Machines empower us, but they need to be designed so that even a child can use them. ODIIST has years of planning and designing mass-production ready daily necessities. We collect data on various issues and analyze for solutions that can either remedy a problem or expedite certain processes. We have helped many domestic businesses and we can do the same, if not just as well internationally. Moreover, ODIIST exists to target not just necessities but also niche markets where users have specific needs. Rest assured, ODIIST can turn your concepts into tangible results within reasonable time frame with professional execution.

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