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Validating and experimenting is a cyclical logic of chicken before the egg and vice-versa. In a design institution, a typical structure, mechanism in addition to appearance, are all basic tasks in industrial design. Because form follows function, it requires the aesthetic touch of an appearance designer, artist or sculptor.

As for an inventive conceptual product, it is a more challenging design job. All inventive products are different compared to currently offered products because of their innovative nature or potential to bring revolutionary changes. From concept to actual mass-production, experimenting is a process that is both pivotal and critical.

So a conceptual product may not be a complete success. There are many of those products that may fall short in terms of functions due to externalities such as: costs, appearance, size, integration with current materials, methods and more. These production-relevant thoughts would all be included in the experimenting process.

The ability to validate takes a long time to develop. ODIIST’s successful combining of manpower and hardware implies that we have the capacity to develop innovative products or ones that require experimenting/validating. For several years, we have worked with enterprise owners to successfully address many experimental designs, followed by successful mass production. There are also numerous projects that have either spawned future generations or derived different products as result of our experimentation.

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