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ODIIST have designed many kitchenwares for our clients for years. Though the mechanism and the appearance are rather simple in the case of kitchenwares, we can always come up with ideas that stand out from the crowd. To make the most of the limited space for design, we worked on mechanism to improve its function and quality. Breaking the plain image of kitchen wares, we added more fun in its form.

The skill of the designer was shown while one was designing the mechanism and structure of simple products. Simple as it seems, the design contains delicate ideas. For example; you can either add something more or cut something out, but the key is to know which part should be more and which should be less. In a potato masher project, we increased its complexity in both form and function. Or, do it in the opposite way. In the can opener project, the redundant parts were left out and the essential purpose of the opener was focused. Either way, once our hard works successfully stood out on the shelves, our missions were accomplished.

However, we do not stop at here. A successful product is a product that can be massively produced. Knowing the technologies and materials applied in production, we played the role of integrating and communicating. Cooperating with reliable manufacturers to control quality, we also manage the process. Making good use of Taiwan’s manufacture technology and quality advantage, ODIIST wishes to promote a solid collaboration between design and manufacture to increase competitiveness.

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