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A 3D visual layout demonstrates exquisite appearance and form, detailed mechanical structure or complicate exploded-view drawings. But, without a prototype, there is no way to know how the actual product looks like and whether it can function well or not. No matter how accurate the photorealistic renders simulate, prototypes can always reveal problems that can’t be detected from 2D models.

Therefore, models were made to be tested and revised. By making looks-like prototypes and works-like prototypes, ODIIST consistently refines the mechanism and appearance. We use model validation to modify the model to perfection and to correspond to the original goal. From the initial model to the pre-production prototype, designer must have an overall consideration to factors that make a design become a product, and the method of production is no exception.

The design of the molds, usage of materials and the arrangement of the techniques will be planed and operated by design. As for the allocation of methods like plastic injection molding, stamping dies molding and die casting and etc., we can organize flexibly. With good quality and the produce process control, fine design will become fine products. ODIIST aims to not only create good ideas and provide good designs but to turn them into successful products.

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