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As technologies rapidly develop, all industries accelerate to change accordingly, and the field of industrial design is no exception. It has become an unstoppable trend for design to integrate with technology. Involving with research and development, engineering, manufacturing, aesthetic, etc., ODIIST has already regarded interdisciplinary integration of talents as a part of design.

ODIIST believes that industrial design is the key to solving human problems by integrating invention, technology and aesthetic. Designers are neither inventors nor scientists, but designers are the must when it comes to application of invention and technologies. Artificial intelligence, dig data analysis, biotechnology and medical sciences, renewable energy, and etc. were applied effectively in different fields by designers. Therefore, design opens new market and new domains to actually improve human life with technologies.

To satisfy the product needs of new technology, designers must pursue a higher level of production. Thus, the quality of manufacture techniques also has to be promoted. That is, design stimulates the development and progress of production. Aiming to solve problems, enhance life quality and accelerate the progress of society, ODIIST accepts diverse challenges to fulfill market and public demands.

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