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Industrial revolution had dramatically changed the way of manufacturing and how people valued products. Fast, massive, and exactly the same,

machine-made products challenged the desire for exceptional of individuals. Made by machine instead of man, identical products seem cold and lifeless to consumers. When consumers enjoy the convenience of purchasing products, they also feel dull of their popularity. Replicate, traitless and valueless, consumers reflect themselves upon what they have consumed. Using things which are not special means the one who used them are not special as well.

Consumers want their products to be unique, but not bizarre, accessible but not too common. The high recognition doesn't seem too awkward. The design will determine the scope and direction of the market. If the market’s target were chocolate desserts lovers, the design will make neither ten flavors of chocolate with nuts, dried fruits or caramels, nor ten types of chocolate cake, chocolate cookies or chocolate ice cream, but to satisfy the taste of specific group of people who favor alcoholic chocolates. That is to say, the niche market is to condense the types and styles of consumers and products.

When the market is eventually narrowed down to the extreme, it will become a customized market, from the mass market to the niche market, and then from the niche market to the individual. Is the market shrinking or expanding to the extreme? When everyone can be the target market, and the target market is only a single individual, can we still call the creation designed for only one person a “product”?

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