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The inner drive to strive for better life is the initial power of development.

What is industrial design? Industrial design is a force that pushes human civilization to evolve. Though the term industrial design was used until industrialization and mechanization emerged in industrial revolution, the act of design has been conducting since stone-age, when the first rock was used to cut off the throat of a prey.

How to sharpen it? How to attach it to woods to make a handle? Can it be ground into different shapes? A rock turned into a tool, the most primary technology, was applied and developed into different form to improve human life. Weapons to hunt and to defense became tools to build and to farm. With these exquisitely planned alterations, design significantly changed human society in all aspects.

Design is everywhere, influencing people’s behaviors and then proceeds to inspire thoughts. Food, clothing, housing, transportation, education and entertainment include life of human beings and the range of design. Farm tools and containers designed for harvesting and preserving food changed the primitive hunter-gatherer society into agricultural society. The concept of city state aroused as people settled down and the growth of population. Tools were designed to construct and to make, and then developed into machines to accomplished more difficult tasks.

Design is the non-stop journey that goes on and on as long as human being’s restless pursuit of excellence lives.

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