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You might think that industrial design hard to understand for you are neither a designer nor a manufacturer. As a matter of fact, designing and producing are not so distant from us.

For example, you want to bake a cake for your grandmother. First, you have to do research to know that she likes chocolate, being allergic to peanuts and suffering from diabetes. Then, you bake several cakes to try different ingredients and recipe to have the right formula. The texture, flavor and appearance will be influenced by temperature, cake molds, the speed of electric mixer and all other factors which you have to concern about. Finally, you make this cake, just for your grandma.The process mentioned above is similar to industrial design but industrial design is far more complicated.

If it comes to industrial design, the cake is no longer made for a single person, but for anyone who would like a cake. Thus, it has to be massively produced and to create profits. You have to study the taste and favor of consumers, not just your grandma. Your recipe has to include every single detail to make sure every cake is the same. You will need to understand the size of the oven and time required to bake hundreds of cakes a day, just to name a few.

Now, change the topic from “cake” to “car”, and you will see the outline of industrial design.

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