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Taiwan has advanced injection molding techniques and being well accommodated to supply parts and products with high quality. Both industrial design and manufacture industry favor injection molding for its advantages.


Requiring less finishing process, injection molding can produce products with high completion rate. Injection machine is highly automatic that needs less labor to operate the machine. The high efficiency of injection molding not only shows in quantity but also in quality. The flexibility in use of injection molding such as multi-material injection molding, multi-component injection molding, co-shot injection molding and over-molding. allows different materials be injected and form simultaneously. Moreover, the complex variations of mold design and manufacture enable injection molding to form meticulous and complex structures.


Although injection molding wastes less material parts, it costs more on molding. The material of the molds can be high-priced, and the process and modification of the molds can be time and labor consuming. The more delicate the structure of the product, the more process needed to design and to make the molds. Since the molds are costly and the main purpose of a mold is to replicate, injection molding will not be a good choice for small-volume production. Additionally, there are still limitations for injection molding that cannot be overcome so far.

ODIIST strives to plan for our clients, designing for the mold that can be refined and modified. So that once the product needs further development in the future, the mold can be adjusted and revised to fit new demands. We design not only for function and form but also for the best manufacture process.

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