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Consumer-oriented design has become a trend for the powerful current of consumerism. The goal of meeting needs and solving problems to promote human well-being has now turned into adding values to products, stimulating consumers’ desire and accelerating product life cycles. Designers were once a cook who made the tasteless healthy food delicious. Nowadays, they serve tasty junk foods that are not nutritious, using novelties and bright things to feed the insatiable hunger for products of modern people. However, how can we nourish our spiritual world with short-term stimulation and enjoyment of pleasure?

Desire itself should not be consider as evil for the desire for survival, the desire for knowledge, and the desire for a better life initiate mankind to pursue progress and development. However, consumerism has become an excuse for modern people to over-expand their desires. Both the demand side and the supply side are willing to be driven by desire and to manipulate each other. Call it by the fine sounding name of stimulation of economy, as a matter of fact; excessive consumption produces wastes that exhaust resources.

The thrill of “wanting to own” is stronger than actually possessing it. Therefore, the addiction of consumption has become a bottomless pit. Consumption itself is a cycle of supply and demand. Driven by desire the wheel carries human society to progress. However, in the case of imbalances and inequalities between supply and demand, the crazy acceleration of wheel will eventually lose control.

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