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What comes into your mind when you heard the word “designers”? There will be people with exceptional tastes who come up with brilliant ideas, sketches on papers, and amazing creations. Design creates romantic fantasies.

What comes into your mind when you heard the word “factory”? Dark, dirty, stinky industrial buildings stuffed with labors doing low-level, bored or dangerous jobs. If not, there will be cold machines and dull operators. People don’t regard a factory as a pleasant place, but pleasurable products are produced by a factory. Factories and manufacturers play this important role of the supplying chain but people tend to ignore them.

Manufacturers are roots which scarcely bathed in sunlight. People admire branches stretching, leaves thriving, flowers blooming and fruits ripening, but seldom do they appreciate buried roots. Product designers are supposed to be gardeners who nurture and cultivate the plant into beautiful cornflowers or nutritious cauliflowers. However, some designers don’t actually grow their plants but promoting seeds they’d breed, claiming that the seeds will grow into wonderful flowers. People do recognized these pretty flowers but the real flowers are nowhere to be found in the market. These designers use design as a commercial strategy to gain fame while they hardly step into factories to have their designs produced.

Public's impression of design as an artistic and glamorous job is an illusion. They only set their eyes on the flowers, but leave out the solid foundation of roots. As a matter of fact, a good product designer works under the ground, making sure the roots can function well to help a seed grow into a tree. Designers need to exert themselves to the upmost to design products that can actually be produced, and factories deserve more applause than they had received.

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