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It’s one thing to flourish and another to fight.

In Taiwan, hundreds of patents are applied and design and invent awards are won every year. However, few of them have made their ways to the market and become the real success. Designers had brought about so many designs but only few can be manufactured, and even less can bring in profits.

It is a great loss that some good inventions and brilliant ideas were not carried about. However, why can’t these designs and inventions be realized? That is because they are lack of the process of productizing.

Productizing is a process of practical application of inventions, design or even mere concepts and ideas. An inventor can just come up with the idea and make a prototype to proof it right but an inventor might not have the ability to go on to manage the mass production.

Inventors make their prototypes with their own hands or available machines but they do not have factories and experiences in making. However, industrial designers are different. It is a must for designers to plan and arrange the producing of their own designs. Therefore, designers can help solve productizing problems for inventors, but in many cases, designers submit innovative but unrealistic designs.

A well-designed product is not necessarily a best-selling product, and sometimes, manufacturers and enterprises are just satisfied with the status quo. Time and human resources spent on designing a new product is high while the chances of these product to thrive is low. Therefore, they neither take risks on trying new techniques and methods nor invest in real innovative design but release new product with different colors and forms.

People regard design as an adding value to products to gain profits from market instead of a drive to change lifestyle, to influence cultures and to improve the society.

ODIIST has been fighting on the battle field for years and we are not only going to survive but to win. Our design team has devoted to designs which can be productized, promoting the value of design and the development of sense of beauty. We believe that through productization, creativity of designs and innovative ideas can have influences on people’s life and mind.

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