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The commercialization of art and the artification of design make the distinctions between art and design become more obscure than ever. The value of art’s originality is questioned and gradually fades away due to mass reproduction. A replication, a copy, of art work is seen to be inferior to the original. However, in the case of a product or its design, the popularity and the wide spread of the product will be considered as a success. The purpose and function of art alter and are used as artification for products. The divine purpose of art has walked down from the altar to the ground. Art no longer serves as the manifestation of a piece of mind of artists but a garment and decorations for merchandises.

On the other hand, design becomes a new symbol of classy and decent tastes. People prefer the product not for its quality but for its design. The design is appreciated not for its function or its aesthetic but for the reputation of its designer. Odd. The mechanical reproduction of art works declines their authenticity and “aura” while designs are artified and worshiped even though the products are manufactured even more massively than art works.

Under the influence of creative economy and mass culture, the role of an individual shifts from a viewer to a consumer. People receive art and culture stimulation from commercial activities. They do not go to theaters, museums or galleries to experience but buying the so-called “cultural products”. It originally means products and services including all sorts of arts, heritage conservation, cultural industry and festivals. However, cultural products take times to accumulate, to integrate and to develop, but the market has no interests in waiting while the suppliers have no intention to invest. Therefore, the fastest way is to wrap up figures, rituals and stories with the name of cultural and art. Product design almost becomes a media of art and culture for commodification in culture and creative industry.

The authenticity fades not only in art works but in people as well. The freedom of thinking, making choices and expressing oneself is framed by media. People, who submerged in the sameness of pop culture, share similar concepts, beliefs and customs. Products, designs, artworks and cultures become more and more alike and superficial, and lack of depth.

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