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How do you peel an apple? You can peel it with a knife, with a peeler or a peeler machine. Different products were invented do dealt with a single task and different designs were applied to fulfill the same demand. Industrial design is a continuous, progressing process of problem solving. There are countless approaches can be the answer to the trouble and even more methods can be taken to achieve the goal. Designers list out possible solutions to the problem and then the available measures to carry out the solutions.

There is no single answer in industrial design. A bridge, a boat, a cable car, or a rope, passing a river can be done in a few seconds or a few years depend on what way you take. There are no wrong solutions but inappropriate ones. Swinging across the river with a vine is the perfect idea for Tarzan but a disaster for a toddler. So, designers have to consider the wind, the current, the distance, the passengers, etc. before they decide what road they are going to take. No matter what approach designers apply, the result will fulfill the demands.

How designers perceive and interpret the problems and demands determine the solutions. Take safety scissors for example. If the designer believes that safety is to reduce the danger of the parts, then the sharp and pointed tip will be blunted and round. If the designer thinks safety is to hide the dangerous parts, then the scissors will be shielded with sheaths and caps. If the designer considers that safety is to be unharmed even the users cut themselves, then the blades of the scissors will be made from plastic which can cut papers but not fingers.

Once the road is taken, designers have to deal with the road itself, which could be rough and bumpy. Shapes, materials and mechanical structures will bring about all kinds of obstacles which are more complicated.

All roads lead to Rome. The path one take reveals one’s personality and value. It shows not only the strength but also the characteristic of the designer. ODIIST’s design team takes not just the beaten path but the roads less traveled. With creativity and innovation, we continuously explore and broaden our ways of design.

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