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Designers are no soloists. Industrial design and product design cannot be done by one person. It requires team works and teamwork requires communication. Designers have to discuss with other designers in the team and sometimes with designers of other teams as well. Throughout the design process, electronic engineers, mechanical designers, appearance designers, etc. collect their ideas and to coordinate with each other.

Discussion is a good way of brainstorming which not only allow designers to swop ideas but also help them clear their thoughts. Specializing in different domain, team members have different definitions about the same product which influences the direction of the design. Should we put emphasis on its function? Or, should we pay more attention on its form and appearance?

It is not a tug of war between mechanism designers and appearance designers but a harmonious duet. They support each other while keeping their own voice. Additionally, not all the voices come from designers. Research result of product positioning and producing methods are covered in the discussion. Although marketing and manufacturers will not get involved with the discussion of design but topics of these areas are involved. Different point of views provides more alternatives and solutions.

The communication of designers is not just exchanging information and thoughts but learning from each other. Designers requires abundant of experiences and knowledge not only about designing but also about manufacturing which sometimes are learned from more experienced designers or factory technicians. Like violinists learned from luthiers to adjust their instruments in order to improve the timbre, designers will seek advices from manufacturers, mechanics and workers to solve problems encountered. Opinions of firstline workers can be very helpful, for that they will know better of the tools, materials and know-how to accomplish their tasks.

Design is a work of collaboration that designers tune themselves to play in consonance with the team. ODIIST’s designers work as a team to make sure the problem being solved.

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