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Today, desktop CNC mill or desktop 3D printers are not designed for the technicians or design units of the plant, but for the general public who like to realize their creativity. Coupled with the development of smart machines and automation, users do not need to learn manual operation techniques, but let the computer programs do the work.

These machines are light in weight, bright in color with hidden mechanical structures. Miniaturized, portable, smart, wearable, they are designed not to take up too much space and not to look out of place even though they were put in living rooms. From appearance to mechanism, these machines are assumed to be put in offices and workshops rather than in warehouses or factories.

Buying a customized product is easier. However, consumers grow the ideas to customize their products on their own. Simplified machine tools fulfilled these fancies. Some like new technologies while others prefer something old school. Laser engraver is as small as a Rubik’s cube enables people to put words, pictures on woods, ceramics and leathers. Or, antique design desktop letterpress printers allow users to print their own cards.

Smaller in size and easier in operation, these machines lived up to the expectations of non-professional users. They are neither house appliances for everyday uses nor equipment for business. These kits and gears are for leisure and entertainment rather than necessities. It’s a nostalgic, romantic and unique feeling that encourages consumers to experience not only the product but the process of making products.

However, no matter how cool these products appear, they are more like toys than practical tools for manufacturing. Since they were designed for unprofessional users, these machines will not be as good as those for professionals. Don’t get me wrong, they are certainly functional, and some work quite well, to be honest.

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