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Before any idea was formed, designers must observe, ask questions, discuss and find solutions in order to grasp customers’ taste, needs and trends. Who would be attracted by this product? How to exceed their expectation? On condition that the functions were satisfied, designers convey different feelings to users by forms, colors and materials. The style showed by the design have to be adored, resonance and to be desired by the customers. Once the position of the product was precisely fixed, designers can come up with the most appropriate style.

Consumers’ consuming motivations concern the emotions, experiences, memories, cravings, etc. arousing from the product. Under the influence of differences in age, economic conditions, culture and values, designers classify and aim specific groups. Designers set the type as guide to design according to the preference of the consumers. The designed diet, the designer clothing and the designed products formed a designed lifestyle.

Product positioning has gradually evolved from the existing orientations such as user behaviors and operating habits to predicting consumers’ preferences. Knowing what kind of design consumers will pursue in order to fit the lifestyle of the design, designers can position the product right.

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